Tiny Transformning Apartment

I have written wbout my love of smaller spaces here and here. I have also talked about how I have been working on editing my life. Cutting down on junk in favor of a few quality pieces, selling or donating objects that I no longer use in favor of space and less clutter.

I dont think these things fall into the tradiotnal minimalist style but more of an altered set of items that I love and make me happy.

Shawn Blanc linked to this video from Gizmodo on The Tiny Transforming Apartment.

My fasicnation with these spaces is twofold. The actual square footage of these places and the creative engineering used to transform these spaces into multiple settings. The sliding walls, the hidden cabinents, the folding beds. I have built several custom rooms and houses in my youth and considering their size they were relatively quick. Looking at these spaces, even though they are tiny by most standards, I am sure took an increbibly long time to actually design, coordinate the specialized parts and furntiure elements and then fabricate the apartment.

Ben Brooks commented on the video as well:

As I look at that small living space I notice the thought behind the design: Yes, everything has a place, but what makes the space functional — and not annoying — is that everything has been specifically designed, or chosen, for that space.

As I look for a small 1 space to create a home office or work space for myself, planning out how it will be used and the objects that will be used in it are increasingly more important.

  1. Something like this would be a dream.↩ī¸Ž