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Verizon Wireless to Charge You to Conveniently Pay Your Bill Dec 30, 2011 Customer Service Verizon has already changed their mind about this decision - but smells so much like banks trying to make up the extra credit card charges they lost Delighting Customers With Bad News Aug 4, 2011 Customer Service After ordering my new computer case from Tom Bihn and loving the product I decided I wanted to ordered a few other small things from them to round Moving the Problem to the Consumer Aug 1, 2011 Customer Service With the release of Lion one thing that had to be done prior to upgrading was to confirm that your favorite or commonly used apps were all Intel Process of Building and Selling Jul 22, 2011 Customer Service The other day I saw this posted over on 37signals site. It is a 4 part interview with the founders of Slicehost the rails hosting platform. The Setting up Bill Pay Jul 18, 2011 Customer Service Online banking call to setup bill pay Me: hi I just tried to register online for online bill pay and it says I am already registered but it is not Substitution Customer Service Oct 27, 2010 Customer Service Tonight on the way home I stopped at a fast food chain and ordered a simple request. I got my meal and something told me to check it tonight. It was