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Macfilos Interviewed by Microsoft Mar 26, 2014 Photography If you don’t follow Macfilos web site you should. Michael and I became friends a couple of years ago when I was looking for advice on purchasing an The Only Camera You Need Is an iPhone? Apr 13, 2013 Photography Very cool post over at 37signals about the camera’s that many of the staff use and how they use it. via: 37signals.com Apple Fans and Photographers Sep 13, 2012 Photography Michael at Macfilos pointed to the leaked images and some initial reviews of the Sony full frame RX1. It looks amazing. For a brief period of New Nikon Camera to Get Android Os — Macfilos > Aug 15, 2012 Photography Last week Michael wrote a piece about new models of Nikon camera, specifically the Coolpix S800, is rumored to be running a version of Android as Photographer Shoots Olympics Using iPhone, Snapseed and a Pair of Binoculars > Aug 2, 2012 Photography Who says you need a lot of expensive camera’s and equipment to take good pictures? The Guardian has a collection of Dan Chung’s photographs that