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In Search Of…the Ideal Client Jan 31, 2014 In Search of As buiness people we are always looking for the “ideal client”. That mythical person(s) that will be perfect. What is the criteria you use to Bose SoundLink© Wireless Mobile Speaker May 1, 2012 In Search of Since it came out I have used the AirPort Express attached to a Bose Wave to allow me to stream music from my computer to another room. In my Finding an iPhone Case Apr 2, 2012 In Search of I truly believe the best iPhone case is no case at all. Adding a case to me seems to hide some the the beautiful industrial, simple design. I am Opportunity Lost or No Appetite for Paid Services? Mar 27, 2012 In Search of In the recent weeks there have been a number of people (read tech nerds) seem to be moving away from Google services. This is happening for a Wallet Issues Jan 17, 2012 In Search of I admit it. I have a thing when it comes to computer bags and wallets. So I am so happy when I can finally find one that meets the needs I have and In Search Of: A Better Computer Bag (Part 2) May 12, 2011 In Search of So after a lot of thought, too much thought , I plunked down my money and ordered the Tom Bihn Ristretto. Of course as soon as I ordered it they In Search Of: A Better Computer Bag (Part 1) Apr 11, 2011 In Search of I have owned more computer bags and cases then I care to admit. Many times I created a story in my head that would allow me to purchase (read