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Streaming Apps Sep 18, 2023 User Experience & Video The inconsistency of video apps and controls within streaming apps is frustrating. John Siracusa wrote An Unsolicited Streaming App Spec that Inconsistent Experience May 16, 2012 User Experience Advertising is a part of our everyday life. TV, newspapers, magazines and websites all have some type of advertising. For the most part I am ok with Turning a Negative Into a Positive May 15, 2012 User Experience I received an email from This Week on TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) that contained links to a few new videos. One of the ones that This Is All Your App Is: A Collection of Tiny Details May 11, 2012 User Experience Jeff Atwood at Coding Horrors wrote a really good post comparing the details of his automatic cat feeders to the little details in your software. Amtrak to Use iPhones for Ticket Scanning May 11, 2012 User Experience A couple of stories about this popped up in me RSS reader over the last couple of days. I think this is great. Actually I want to say its about Personal Touch Apr 16, 2012 User Experience Today so many of us buy things on the internet. Why not? It’s easy and generally less expensive. But with all the benefits there appears to be no James Hague Quote on User Experience Feb 29, 2012 User Experience James Hague: It’s extremely difficult to be simultaneously concerned with the end-user experience of whatever it is that you’re building and the What Does Your Product Do? Oct 21, 2010 User Experience When I look at products I always ask myself the following: What does your product do? Does it make my life easier? Is it new and unique and fills a