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Japanese Airstream Trailer Oct 5, 2023 Small Spaces I have always wanted to use a trailer like this an a home office. How’d They Do the Tuck-Away Bed in This Parisian Micro-Apartment? - Core77 Apr 12, 2013 Small Spaces If you don’t mind pulling out your bed at night this is a wonderful use of space. To be able to have what looks like a queen size bed in a micro Athens Tiny Home Mar 7, 2013 Small Spaces One of my favorite sites is called Shoebox Dwelling. Usually featuring unique ways to live in small spaces. Yesterday they features another Float Wall Desk — Shoebox Dwelling Feb 7, 2013 Design & Small Spaces I can not tell you why, but in addition to my small well designed space fondness I also love furniture that floats or is on wheels. Shoebox Dwelling Tiny Transformning Apartment Jan 28, 2013 Small Spaces I have written wbout my love of smaller spaces here and here. I have also talked about how I have been working on editing my life. Cutting down on Chelsea Transformer Apartment — Shoebox Dwelling Dec 14, 2012 Small Spaces In my ongoing quest for efficient space and lifestyle I stumbled across this apartment on Shoebox Dwelling that complete transforms. I love the Tiny Home in a Truck — Shoebox Dwelling Oct 26, 2012 Small Spaces Finding comfort, style and dignity in small spaces I know the title says a lot. Who would want to? Then you see the outside of this vehicle and Wood Works Oct 15, 2012 Small Spaces How small is too small? I think that is in the eye of the beholder and how much junk they have. Dwell Magazine’s article called Wood Works shows a The Airstream Office - Businessweek Oct 9, 2012 Small Spaces Could you work in an Airstream trailer? The simple answer is YES ! I could and I would love to. I have had an odd passion for these classics for A Holiday Home in the Netherlands, Boat Included Oct 2, 2012 Small Spaces There is something I find very appealing about the interior of this house in the Netherlands. I am not sure if it is the semi-monocramtic color The Workspace at the Top of the Stairs > Aug 20, 2012 Small Spaces I love the simplicity of this small space. They found a great way to use it instead of dead space The Architect Is In: A Tiny Live/Work Loft Made Large Jul 23, 2012 Small Spaces I have mentioned several times how I am intrigued with well designed spaces. I prefer smaller ones. If done well you do not get the feeling of being Mini House in Belgium Jun 29, 2012 Small Spaces Here is another brilliant use of small space. The house was designed for a couple. My favorite feature is the floating stairs. I love how the A Brilliant Use of Space Jun 20, 2012 Small Spaces An example of a brilliant use of space. It looks cozy and not stark in the extreme minimal terms. Small Swedish Apartment: This small but cozy Leaf House’s Luxury Tiny Home on Wheels Jun 13, 2012 Small Spaces I found this post on Apartment Therapy that continues my fascination with space and how it is used. I am not sure if I could get down to a 215 Space and a Clearer Head Jun 9, 2012 Small Spaces Over the last couple of years I have come to realize that I have a problem with space (not outer space) in general. While you might be thinking Containers As Living Spaces May 1, 2012 Small Spaces I am really fascinated with small useable spaces. For the last couple of years I have been following people using old shipping containers as living How Small Can You Go? Mar 1, 2012 Small Spaces Normally with a title like this you would expect me to be posting about my desire to scale down my computer even smaller to the 11” MBA. While this