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Charger and Cord in one Feb 19, 2024 Tech A handy accessory for travel Bye-bye Google Feb 14, 2024 Tech I removed GA from my site Computer Relics Nov 14, 2023 Tech Presented without comment Write Plain Text Files → Mar 2, 2022 Tech NO DEPENDENCIES If you rely on Word, Evernote or Notion, for example, then you can’t work unless you have Word, Evernote, or Notion. You are Changing Platforms Feb 27, 2022 Tech I have been writing this blog on and off since 2007. It has been through many iterations and voices as I try to figure out what mine truly is. When Apple Watch and Heart Rate Monitoring May 19, 2019 Personal & Tech A year ago, I had a cardiac event — not a heart attack. Several stories have been written about how people have worn an Apple Watch and had their First Week Thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus Oct 21, 2014 Tech There is not a lot remaining that has not been said about the new iPhones. Many great reviews and technical breakdowns have been written. Instead I Book Reading on iPhone Just Got 23% Better — Macfilos Sep 27, 2012 Books & Tech Michael at MacFilos beat me to writing about this. I resisted reading on the iPhone for a long time before I took the leap. My first foray was Motorola Droid Razr M Sep 6, 2012 Tech When a few words says it all This Parrot’s Dead > Aug 21, 2012 Tech Don McAllister has hit an impasse with his great SCOTutor iOS apps. All the apps were approved and then later pulled form the store as being just Google Acquires Mobile Office Solution Quickoffice Jun 6, 2012 Tech Hmmm… I wonder what this means? Really I am surprised something like this has not happened sooner. Its another strike at Microsofts cash cow as Text File Nerdery May 15, 2012 Tech I hate Word. I hate that we have to use it in the corporate environment. I love Markdown and use it more and more everyday. I have even started How to Download Your Data Stored Within Google Products May 1, 2012 Tech If you are trying to leave Google or you want a backup copy of your own information - this article from hongkiat.com walks you through the steps. Google Drive Apr 30, 2012 Tech Ditto Google Drive It’s here, and is yet another Google service I won’t be using. (Via 512 Pixels) Opinion Apr 30, 2012 Tech Last week Ben Brooks wrote a post about the gamification of iOS apps. In the post he had some harsh things to say about the process of not releasing Project Glass Apr 5, 2012 Tech Stephen is freaked out. While I don’t see this as something I would use I am more weary than freaked out. After watching this the only thing I am Just When You Think There Is No More Google Will Do Feb 23, 2012 Tech From The “Um, What?!” Department Google now asks you to enter your credit card as part of the Gmail signup flow. Bold.twitter.com/rmatei/status/… — The Apple/Google Cold War Feb 22, 2012 Tech Once again, brilliant commentary by Mr. Gruber. I could not agree more The Apple/Google Cold War: During last week’s The Talk Show, I mentioned ‘Google Tracked iPhones, Bypassing Apple Browser Privacy Settings’ Feb 19, 2012 Tech Clearly this falls under do no evil don’t you agree? ‘Google Tracked iPhones, Bypassing Apple Browser Privacy Settings’: Julia Angwin and Jennifer Smart Phones Get Bigger and bigGER and Bigger Feb 10, 2012 Tech At what size does portable and mobile revert to desktop and stationary? Will this fit in your pants pocket or do you need a murse (man-purse) to Back to the Future Feb 8, 2012 Tech Is it me or is the new Samsung Note something we have seen before…just bigger? And didn’t we think that it was a pain in the ass to use the pen - Path Uploads Your iPhone’s Entire Address Book to Their Servers Feb 8, 2012 Tech Pretty disappointing to know the we were not even given an option to opt-in; not a good case of building trust with permission. FYI: Path uploads