Peru Thoughts Jul 28, 2022 travel My wife and I returned from a recent trip to Peru. It was amazing. When we travel I can’t help but keeping a log of random observations throughout Delta Boarding Order Jul 4, 2022 Travel Wheelchairs and families with small children First Class / Diamond Status Gold Staus Comfort + / Silver Status Main cabin 1 Main cabin 2 Main cabin Educaction May 12, 2022 Misc The Masters program I participated in was obsolete the day I started it. 1 of the 12 classes was pertinent - Business Ethics. Innovation Hub podcast Constriction and Compression Apr 29, 2022 Misc Lately, I feel like many things in life are suffering from constriction or compression. The action of making something narrower by pressure or of Write Plain Text Files → Mar 2, 2022 Tech NO DEPENDENCIES If you rely on Word, Evernote or Notion, for example, then you can’t work unless you have Word, Evernote, or Notion. You are
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