Streaming Apps Sep 18, 2023 User Experience & Video The inconsistency of video apps and controls within streaming apps is frustrating. John Siracusa wrote An Unsolicited Streaming App Spec that Technology to Increase the Quality of Pets Lives Aug 25, 2023 Apple & Pets How can you not love this? I just saw this video for a company 3DPets using iPhone hardware to create 3D scans to make pet prosthetics. I know if Bear Shortcut Aug 16, 2023 Blog In the previous post, I discussed my blogging setup and how it has evolved. I mentioned I moved to Bear 2.0 and tried to use it to manage my blog Blot + Bear + Shortcuts Aug 14, 2023 Blog I have had and semi-maintained a blog for about 16+ years. Some years were lost during one of the many conversions. I started on Blogger, then moved Why Ask the Question? Aug 10, 2023 Service Scenario: You’re in your favorite store ( drugstore, grocery, pet supply), and you are looking around for a particular item. You don’t find it, but
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