Podcast Editing Workflow

Screenshot of tracks being edited in Ferrite Studio My wife has been recording her podcast, The Revelation Project Podcast , for 191 episodes. When she started, she hired a company to get the iTunes/Apple Music integration, assist with the music, and edit the first ten episodes for a set fee. Once she hit episode 11, the fee per episode was roughly $335 a show. Launching a podcast is hard enough, but without monetization, this is untenable during your first few years. They did one for two at a discount, but they were not great. That’s when I decided to learn how to do it.


She has recorded using Skype, Zoom and a few others and now uses Riverside.fm. Regardless of the recording method, this is the process I use to produce and edit her show.

  • Download all the raw WAV files
  • Run them individually through Izotope RX1 on my Mac using the repair assistant that I have tweaked to my liking. This gets all the essential noise and reverb out of the files.
  • Then, I spot-check each file to see if anything else should be removed. Sometimes, mouth clicks or breath noises; other times, it’s dialogue isolation for clarity.
  • When completed, I save each file with the episode number and name, i.e., 185_Monica.wav and 185_Guestname.vav
  • Then both are run through Levelator 2 and saved with the same name but adding -lev. wav
  • With the processing finished, I drag the files to my iPad Pro12.9 inch into Ferrite, where I have a template for the show.
  • The template has Intro and Outro music in it already, with chapter markers for the beginning and end
  • I line up the tracks and spot-test to see that the tracks are in sync
  • I then use the strip silence feature of Ferrite to remove any quiet section greater than 2 seconds.
  • Then, it’s a process of editing the files using the Apple Pencil.
  • We host the finished MP3 file in Fireside.fm
  • As I listen and edit, I will add links to the episode in Fireside.
  • Artwork is created in Canva and exported out
  • When the file is done, it is exported out as a wave file with chapter markers
  • I use Forecast from Marco Arment to add the art and links to the file and export it as an MP3, and upload it to fireside
  • That MP3 then dropped into Descript to create a transcript3 to assist with the promotion of each new episode; I create two or three audiograms using Headliner for sharing on social media platforms.

I like to track my time on each episode to see where I spend the most time and look for opportunities to improve them. I use Timery to track my time in each process step.

  • File Processing
  • Editing
  • Transcription (includes the social reels)
  • Posting Show

On average, the editing time is 2.5-3 minutes per recorded minute. This is not an NPR edit style or just the regular recorded audio. I will remove noise, like dogs barking, really long pauses or repeated ums” or a section that the host or guest repeats to make the listening experience pleasant and not distracting.

My favorite part is using the iPad with Ferrite to manipulate the audio tracks. I am actively touching the sounds and shaping the interview. Each episode takes a long time to assemble, averaging 6-10 hours, but it is also relaxing and almost meditative.

  1. It’s expensive and incredibly good. If you are interested, keep your eye on it. They have some great sales.↩︎

  2. There is a leveling function within Izotope as well, but I have not gotten it to where I am happy with, so until I do this extra step is fine.↩︎

  3. A transcription is good for everyone, and it might help with search.↩︎

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