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Business, Start-Up, or Lifestyle Feb 17, 2023 Business The other day I read an article about starting a lifestyle business versus a start-up. The gist of the article was unless you were a start-up with Tesla Rolls Out Steam Game Support for Newest Vehicle Models–> Dec 15, 2022 Business The newest models of Tesla’s electric vehicles are now Steam-powered. And by that, of course, we mean the vehicles’ central consoles can now access Automated Packaging → Oct 20, 2022 Business There is something about this machine that I find fascinating. Is it the effiecency, the savings on packaging and mailing I am not sure. The Consumer Ad Platforms Oct 11, 2022 Business I used to love Instagram to show off my photos and see my friends’ work online. Flickr still exists and was terrific but has largely been in sunset Inessential.com: Build 2014 Apr 8, 2014 Business Great piece from Brent Simmons on the enthusiasm at Mircosoft at the Build conference and in particular around Azure. But where the new CEO makes a What Business Are You Preparing For? Feb 10, 2014 Business My parents live in Florida half a year. After having spent most of their lives in New England there were large changes in expectations of service Delivering on Expectations - the Wrong Way Jan 30, 2014 Business What is the goal ? An old dilapidated gas station in town gets purchased. It is torn down and a new one with a food-center for snacks and sundries The Chimney Sweep and the Mailing List Jan 28, 2014 Business & Marketing When I moved into my house the previous owner told me that the chimney had not been cleaned in some time. I scheduled an appointment with a local Clean Bathrooms Jan 9, 2013 Business Today’s post from Seth Godin is so simple and yet so true. Seth describes the cleanliness of the bathrooms at Disney World. The people at Disney A Fixed Thing Is a Beautiful Thing: The Fixer’s Manifesto - Core77 ⇢ Nov 28, 2012 Business I think everyone should take a look at this article on Core77 from Sugru.com I love this Manifesto Free Range Oct 25, 2012 Business Seth’s advice: “The alternative is to compete against nothing but yourself. To excel merely because the act of excelling without boundaries or Verizon’s Gone Creepy ⇢ Oct 17, 2012 Business Stephen Hackett pointed out this article regarding Verizon’s creepiness. I considered switching carriers when I got the iPhone 5 and am very glad I The New Amazon Commercial Sep 8, 2012 Business M.G. Siegler pointed out this new Amazon commercial to me. Apparently it debuted during the NFL game. I just watched it and I agree. that it is a The New Microsoft…same As the Old Aug 24, 2012 Business Yesterday the new Microsoft logo was introduced. I have seen a lot of mentions to the new look. After reviewing it I only had one feeling - flat. I Seth’s Blog: Tattoo Thinking Aug 22, 2012 Business I love this post from Seth (like most of his). He is reminding us and giving us permission to make mistakes. I think a lot of people, myself Everyone Has a Different Level of No Aug 15, 2012 Business Yesterday I received an email offer to sign up from a retail outdoor store that I frequent called Eastern Mountain Sports or EMS. It was a point The State of Pos Aug 14, 2012 Business Last week my girlfriend and I traveled up the coast of Maine. All along the way we stopped in the cities and towns. We visisted Portland, Kennebunk Sponsored Google Map Ads? Aug 12, 2012 Business Goggle sponsored ad on map While traveling around Maine last week my car GPS seemed to be leading our trip in an odd direction. Not wanting to go Bbc News - Google Fined Over Safari Cookie Privacy Row Aug 9, 2012 Business Interesting to see that Google was actually penalized for the exploit. A record fine but no admission of guilt. To me the fine says it all. Marissa Mayer’s 9 Principles of Innovation Aug 1, 2012 Business Fast Company posted a from Googles’ then VP of Search on her Principles of Innovation. While the article was from 4 years ago I think these “Net Income Decreased 96%” Jul 27, 2012 Business MG Siegler reports on a story from Business Wire about Amazons latest numbers. The numbers are truly staggering: Net income decreased 96% to $7 Ideas Are Easy Jul 25, 2012 Business Step 1: The idea Ideas are easy. Executing on an idea and turning into reality is much harder. I have been trying to come up with a side project Writers Business Models Jul 14, 2012 Business Q. I want to get paid for the blog I write, what is the best way? A. Easy! There is no best way. Fortunately for you there are more and more models How to Make Money Online May 14, 2012 Business If you didn’t see this post from Seth Godin check it out here. Below are Seth’s 21 steps for making money online. So many good points here but #5 Best Article Title - Unless You Are a Rim Fan Feb 6, 2012 Business I think I laughed for 15 minutes based on Jim title for MG’s article. ‘RIM Offering A Cup Of Shitty, Hot Coffee To Those In Hell’: That is MG Not so Mobile Coupons Feb 7, 2011 Business The other day I was emailed a coupon from CVS for my reward dollars. The coupon said to print it out and bring it to the store to redeem. When I Is Starbucks the New Cheers? Oct 20, 2010 Business If you have ever spent more than two hours with me you will know I am a fan of Starbucks coffee. I go there twice a day - different stores depending