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Podcast Editing Workflow Dec 4, 2023 Podcast My wife has been recording her podcast, The Revelation Project Podcast , for 191 episodes. When she started, she hired a company to get the Podcast Editing Statistics Feb 7, 2023 Podcast In 2022, I decided to keep track of the time it takes me to edit my wife’s Podcast The Revelation Project. I used Timery1 to track and keep the Why I Listen to Podcasts Jun 2, 2015 Podcast Recently I read a post over at Rocket Ink about Patrick Welkers’ podcast listening habits. It made me think about my own reasons why and what I Running on Air: Myke Hurley Jul 9, 2012 Running on Air & Podcast To me it is very fitting that the first post of the “Running on Air” series is from the person who sparked and inspired the idea for the series. The Home Work Podcast Mar 26, 2012 Podcast I had the opportunity to listen to episode one over the weekend and was really pleased to see the direction it will be going. Dave works at home A Renewed Appreciation for Podcasts May 27, 2011 Podcast For the last two weeks I have re-started listening to podcasts. Early on I listened to several and either the podcasters quit or they did not have a