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Clean Energy Use Increases Apr 17, 2024 Apple Clean Energy Use Increases Test Post from Obsidian Feb 20, 2024 Apple Testing a new workflow with Obsidian Behind Hal Apple’s Last Super Bowl Ad ↦ Feb 16, 2024 Apple The making of the Apple HAL Advertisement Default Apps Nov 6, 2023 Apple These are the apps I use every day. iPhone 15 Pro Max Photos Oct 25, 2023 Apple I was more impressed with the iPhone 15 ProMax telephoto lens than I expected, especially under challenging lighting conditions. Unpopular Opinion Oct 4, 2023 Apple The Action button needs to be moved lower. Technology to Increase the Quality of Pets Lives Aug 25, 2023 Apple & Pets How can you not love this? I just saw this video for a company 3DPets using iPhone hardware to create 3D scans to make pet prosthetics. I know if iPad Growing Use List → Jul 3, 2021 Apple I love when I am out and about (now that it is a little easier) and seeing the iPad’s being expanded in everyday uses. I remember the commercial Soy Sauce Company Working With Apple on Clean Energy Project - 9to5Mac Aug 27, 2019 Apple & Eco Soy sauce company working with Apple on clean energy project - 9to5Mac: Apple working with soy sauce company on clean energy project in Taiwan Recycling Counts Jul 9, 2019 Apple & Eco At first glance, .83 grams (0.02927 ounces) may not seem like a lot. Many may not feel it’s worth the effort to spend the time to recycle it, but it Searching for Portable Nirvana Jan 5, 2015 Apple I love traveling light. The less I bring the happier I am generally. Easier on planes, lighter to carry, less to fuss with. Packing the technology Tim Cook Speaks up → Oct 31, 2014 Apple If you have not read the Bloomberg Businessweekpiece that Tim Cook wrote the other day you should. Its great. Its clear and he communicates his Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Create Doo-Wop Magic With an iPad | 9to5Mac Mar 21, 2014 Apple 9to5Mac has a great post with Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel singing. I guess iPads are still only for consumption unless you consider the impromptu Sir Jonathan Ive Honoured With Exclusive Gold Blue Peter Badge Feb 15, 2013 Apple I really wish I could embed this video of Sir Jony winning the BBC’s Blue peter award but its in flash. There will be a special episode airing This Just Amused Me Dec 5, 2012 Apple A Microsoft ad on The Unofficial Apple Web site - next to an article about the iTunes store Check Out Apple’s Awesome New iPad Mini Ad Cult of Mac Oct 29, 2012 Apple & Video I could not agree more with Cult of Mac - this is a great video for the product introduction. The only thing I would have changed is it the iPad Remembering Steve Oct 5, 2012 Apple One year ago today many of us lost a friend, a business hero or a source of inspiration. Today on Apple’s home page there is a moving tribute iPhone 5 the Details That Matter Sep 19, 2012 Apple I have yet to get my hands on an iPhone 5 but I have preordered one (32gig Black AT&T). The things that I notice most is the level of attention to Jony Ive Will Design Limited-Edition Leica Camera for Charity Sep 18, 2012 Apple As if Leica needs additional help in the coolness factor. This will be a wonderful collectors item and be a great fundraiser for charity Originality Score = 0 Aug 30, 2012 Apple It seems a shame that after going through a trial that was focused on originality and copying Apple that a few days after the it ends with a The Rise of Third Party Services and Fall of Google in iOS > Aug 21, 2012 Apple Graham Spencer from Macstories has a great post describing the history of services in iOS. The graphics are plain and simple. There is a clear Remember, Macs Can’t Do Real Work, They’re Only for Useless Artsy Stuff Like Landing on Mars Aug 7, 2012 Apple Jim Dalrymple from The Loop pointed out this tweet. Its true…Macs are really for artsy stuff. Source: https://twitter.com/lhasapso/status/232353… Save As… Puts E. Coli Sauce on the Menu ⇢ Aug 6, 2012 Apple Last week there was all kinds of good news about a way to get the Save As back in the menu. Today there is a warning that it may not be what you Rumoured New iPhone Jul 31, 2012 Apple I am not a huge fan of the rumor mill when it comes to Apples new products. There was a time when I was more I admit. But now the level of Why I Didn’t Buy the MacBook Pro Retina Jul 16, 2012 Apple Pietro and Michael wrote blog posts for their rationale to why they didn’t buy a retina MacBook Pro. Pietro goes into depth about each of these A Smaller iPad in Our Future? Jul 7, 2012 Apple I am in Maine trying to relax and enjoy a change of scenery and have only checked in on a few emails. Today I took a look at my RSS reader and it A Legend Speaks Jun 30, 2012 Apple If you have any interest in advertising. I recommend you watch these 10 one minutes discussions with legendary ad man Lee Clow. Lee was responsible The Great BlackBerry Marketing Mess Jun 29, 2012 Apple You should go over to Ken’s site to read the whole article. But I think there is so much irony in this teaser. Especially launching something like Apple Turns Over Entire Inventory Every Five Days Jun 20, 2012 Apple When I read this on MacFilos I was shocked. I have been thinking about this for a weeks now, mostly pondering how Apple is doing this so well. To Air or Not to Air ? Jun 19, 2012 Apple Since the announcement of new hardware at WWDC my friend Michael at MacFilos has been twisting much like me over over the new options. Our big The Most Un-Apple Like Image Jun 12, 2012 Apple & Design Yesterday’s WWDC Keynote brought a lot of new exciting things. New hardware, iOS 6 preview and the more details about Mountain Lion. All great Jonathan Ive: Simplicity Isn’t Simple - Telegraph May 23, 2012 Apple Best line ever from Jonathan Ive simplicity isn’t simple Today Sir Ives Jonathan was officially knighted. (Via. Jonathan Ive: simplicity isn’t Insanely Great Read May 11, 2012 Books & Apple I just finished reading Ken Segall’s “Insanely Simple” book that came out about two weeks ago. I have to say this has been one of my favorite books Osx - When Unplugging Your Headphones From a Mac Apr 3, 2012 Apple I never knew this. OSX - When unplugging your headphones from a Mac, it automatically reverts to the most recent volume settings of the new output Apple’s Market Grows Mar 2, 2012 Apple Apples market cap is not more than 103 billion dollars higher than Exxon. Crazy And Now, a Different Kind of Apple Book « Observatory Feb 20, 2012 Apple & Books This looks like this could be a really good read. I just pre-ordered. And now, a different kind of Apple book « Observatory: (Via kensegall.com) Security: Plan in Advance for Loss of Your Computers Feb 20, 2012 Apple If you have never sat down and made an inventory of your security measures, don’t bother now. Michael over at MacFilos has put together a 10 point Can iPads Make Senators More Efficient? Aug 3, 2011 Apple via Cult of Mac Can anything make senators more efficient Apple Has More Spare Change Than the Us Government Jul 31, 2011 Apple Does anyone else find this odd and scary at the same time? From MacFIlos via Apple has more spare change than the US Government Magical Apr 3, 2011 Apple Apple has just released a new commercial for the iPad 2 entitled “We Believe”. Its a bit of a departure from some of their others ads. This one Respect From Another Entrepreneur Mar 11, 2011 Apple Sir Richard Branson on well wishes and respect for Steve Jobs and the Apple brand.(with a chuckle about merging the two) Ux Meets Common Tools Nov 17, 2010 Apple I have always been fascinated with the User Experience, regardless of the medium. In retail stores or on the web. I have loved the store designs at