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Now Misc Things I am currently working on: Reading: The Song of Significance: A New Manifesto for Teams Continuing to learn Procreate as a tool to work on Educaction May 12, 2022 Misc The Masters program I participated in was obsolete the day I started it. 1 of the 12 classes was pertinent - Business Ethics. Innovation Hub podcast Constriction and Compression Apr 29, 2022 Misc Lately, I feel like many things in life are suffering from constriction or compression. The action of making something narrower by pressure or of We Should Have Workshopped That More Nov 22, 2019 Misc Tesla showed off the new Cybertruck boasting bulletproof glass - strong enough to stop a 9mm bullet. The window shattered when a weighted ball was Chernobyl: Mini-Series on Hbo Jun 6, 2019 Misc If you haven’t had an opportunity to see this 5 part mini-series I highly recommend it. Its so accurate, in parts brutal and a great recreation of Everyone Needs a Helping Hand or a Fin May 21, 2019 Misc I found this to be incredibly powerful. https://twitter.com/dodo/status/1130141064969560066 Marking Time the Right Way Feb 9, 2015 Misc Many people use January 1st as the date to measure their success from the previous year and make plans for the future year. Resolutions and changes Lucky Me | Thomas Borowski Mar 4, 2014 Misc Thomas Borowski creator of the Groovboard and host of Think Make Sell podcast (and my co-host on The Makers Journal) was in a terrible accident last Reboot Jan 15, 2014 Misc I am not a large proponent of New Years resolutions. Goals are good but I dont think they are mutually exclusive. During 2013 when writing for Impressive iPad Finger Painting | Swissmiss Jun 18, 2013 Misc Three minutes so stop motion finger painting on an iPad mini that is stunning Minimal Is Not (Necessarily) Frugal — First Today, Then Tomorrow May 14, 2013 Misc I saw this piece reposted from Nick Wynja about Minimal living from Randy Murray: I find that having less, but better made, more purposeful things Shipping a Real Product Apr 19, 2013 Misc Great post pointed out by Nick at 37signals about shipping a real product. It details what Jon went through to create and launch spacedice.com A Musicians Inspirational Story Mar 15, 2013 Misc I came across this link from Patrick Rhone’s blog. It is a speech from SXSW given by musician Dave Grohl. He tells the story of his inspiration Ted Obsession Mar 7, 2013 Misc Continuing on with my TED obsession I saw this little video of small robots dancing. After reading the description I was not sure what to expect. Creating With Wood Mar 6, 2013 Misc & blocs The other day I had a blocs customer ask me for a source of high quality wood covers for Apple TV. I quickly pointed them to Lazerwood Industires. The Art of Asking: Amanda Palmer Mar 5, 2013 Misc A few weeks ago I finished reading Seth Godin’s “The Icarus Deception”. I truly loved the message behind this book. One of the examples in the books A Craftsman Extreme Mar 1, 2013 Misc Jim Dalrymple pointed out the artist who was responsible for creating the artwork behind the cover of John Mayer’s album “Born and Raised”. I had The Magic of Sugru | Swissmiss ⇢ Nov 29, 2012 Misc This product video follows yesterdays post on the Fixers Manifest from Sugru. Clearly he loves his job ! I lvoe the companies tag line “The Future Hurricane Sandy Oct 29, 2012 Misc Lighter than normal posting here as we prepare for Sandy’s arrival. Expecting to loose power soon. If you are in her path stay safe. Test Patrickrhone / Journal Oct 2, 2012 Misc On his birthday (the same age I am) Patrick outlines beautifully 45 things he knows. There are so many good ones here I can’t pick one favorite - A Sad Day for Cycling and a Good Man Aug 24, 2012 Misc As a former long distance cyclist and lover of the sport, the news today from the United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) has me disgusted. Making the Move Jul 27, 2012 Misc I have been using SquareSpace for some time now. I was part of the beta to test V6. The changes are very nice in terms of functionality with more iGoogle to Be Discontinued Jul 11, 2012 Misc Google has some nice tools. They just don’t always work for me. I think it boils down to a trust issue. I am not crazy about being the product. One Annoucing My Own SmartPhone Jul 7, 2012 Misc MG Seigler must have missed my announcement about the smartphone I am creating (since everyone is nowadays). Thats ok for now I guess - he covers Mr. Mobile Jul 3, 2012 Misc This morning I walk into Starbucks for my quad Americano. Another man walks in behind me. He is in his mid thirties, very fit and dressed in shorts Announcing Nothing Jun 22, 2012 Misc Is it me or does it seem odd that after the announcement of the Microsoft Surface the excitement I read most about is the integrated kickstand and Feature Bloat vs. Graphics Bloat Jun 13, 2012 Misc Apple’s release of the new 15” Retina MacBook Pro by many has been called a thing of beauty. I have yet to see one and I am sure it will make my Streaming New Music From iTunes May 16, 2012 Misc I am a music fan. There was a time not too long ago that I was buying 2–3 albums (digital downloads) a week. Before that it was CD and cassettes. Three Strikes and Your Out May 8, 2012 Misc How long before we will be saying R.I.P RIM? In the last year RIM has made what I consider to be at three major errors. Play book with no email: If Mexican Internet Provider Offers Free Wi-Fi Access in Exchange for Dog Poop May 1, 2012 Misc Here is an interesting way to recycle waste for energy. Even if it is really odd. The short video is in Spanish but worth viewing. I think my Adam Lisagor’s AeroPress Tribute Apr 27, 2012 Misc Shawn posted this video from Adam about the Aeropress. I know he is a big fan. I also think this is the first step, as mentioned by John Gruber on Marley Apr 23, 2012 Misc This weekend I had the opportunity to watch a new film called Marley about the life of Bob Marley. As a fan of reggae I have seen quite a few short Idiot Statement of the Day Apr 20, 2012 Misc Rush Limbaugh Says Obama’s Minions Hacked Siri: Rush Limbaugh’s iPhone 4S has been hacked. Maybe it’s Obama, maybe it’s those pesky Anonymous guys, Cantilever Shelf Apr 18, 2012 Misc I liked this a lot - very reminiscent of the Sapien bookcase. Sapien Book case cantilever shelf: This staggered shelf by Seth Ellsworth gives you Violated Trust Apr 18, 2012 Misc Everyone has trusted people and sources in their life they go for information. A recommendation by a friend, a family member etc. You seek out Keys to Running a Successful Web Site Apr 12, 2012 Misc John Gruber’s success plan for the web 3 Simple things: You need a fussy way to make coffee. Got to have a clicky keyboard. You must have a What Is Worth Supporting? Apr 10, 2012 Misc Today there are so many causes worthy of being supported. Charities, community work family and friends all are great and really no brainers. But how Press Pause Play Sep 27, 2011 Misc This weekend I had the chance to sit down and watch a great new documentary called Press Pause Play. It’s about making things in the digital age.The Trimming My Feeds Aug 30, 2011 Misc A great post by Stephen about sites who post bogus stories and how they react after. Extortion & Jackassery Really? I can’t believe how low some Voyeuristic Blogs Aug 15, 2011 Misc I am not sure why but I love looking at sites that show the things or where they work everyday. Sometimes they provide ideas for creativity - Twitter With Seth Godin (Or My Minor Brush With Fame) Mar 8, 2011 Misc Last week marketing author Seth Godin and founder of the Domino Project in conjunction with Amazon had a hour long twitter session where he answered In Search Of: Todo Apps Mar 1, 2011 Misc I admit it. I have failed more times using GTD then I care to admit. It was easier to quit smoking then get the process right. Though I think there