Space and a Clearer Head

Over the last couple of years I have come to realize that I have a problem with space (not outer space) in general. While you might be thinking bigger is better I am moving in the opposite direction.

Over the years I have owned a few houses of varying from 2,000–3,800 sq feet. Last November I purchased a 1,600 square foot home (not counting finished basement). Many people told me it was a mistake it was too small. But I could not disagree more. It is just the right size. Smaller house have some advantages that many people may not think about:

  1. Usually easier to clean
  2. Generally less in taxes
  3. Usually easier to maintain in terms or property upkeep
  4. Generally cheaper to run” (heat, electricity, water)

In owning a smaller space, you are also faced with having less” posessions. Having fewer possession prevents you from over decorating - over accessorizing and crowding your space with too much furniture. Many people describe this as being minimal. But I think that is incorrect. Minimal is often thought of as having a white room with one vase on the hearth. Minimal can be seen as a negative conotation.

Minimal to me is having the things you use and love and not extra things that take up room in your life. There is no number associated with this term. Its more about knowing what is important to you. Moving around I have gotten the the habit of releasing things that are clutter in my life now. I donate used things, selling items I no longer use on eBay, give things to friends. While letting go of things can be difficult for many reasons in general a purge every now and then is good for you. I believe there is a direct correlation between your surrounding space and whats in it to how well you think and live. If you have never tried this I would recommend you give it a shot. Its amazing how good it can make you feel.

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