First Week Thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus

There is not a lot remaining that has not been said about the new iPhones. Many great reviews and technical breakdowns have been written.  Instead I wanted to provide my thoughts of the first week with the new device.

  1. Yes the device is large. Everyday I use it though I feel that it is getting more comfortable for me.
  2. The battery life is amazing.1 Under normal conidtions I start my day around 6:45 am with 100% battery on my iPhone 5s. I usually check mail and listen to podcasts as I drive to work (plugged in during the drive). I will check twitter multiple times a day and continue to listen to music and podcasts throughout the day. Email and iMessages are in heavy use.  Throughout the day I would plug the phone in to sip a few minutes of power here and there.  By the time I went to bed I am in the red usually below 10% even after the top-offs. Using the 6 plus, doing the same activities and not charging I am around 67%.  
  3. It is a two handed device for sure. Yes you can use it in one hand but it is harder. One thing that I did not realize is I suck at typing on the 5s period. One handed, two handed whatever. For me my speed and accuracy on the keyboard has greatly improved.  Did I give up some typing ability on the go, yes but there are people understanding my emails and messages better now.
  4. By day three holding the 5s in my hands felt comically small. Beautiful, but it felt more Fisher-Price like.
  5. Within the last yeat I had to start wearing reading glasses. Prior to getting them the older iPhone looked clear ennough. When I got the glasses wow what a difference!  Until I was not wearing them and it was painfully hard to use it. With the Iphone 6 plus It is much easier with or without them. I appreciate the screen size a lot more.
  6. I read a lot in my spare time.  I usually use my iPad Retina mini at night. Often I would leave it in another room and grab the 5s from the nightstand (purely out of laziness) and read on that but it was never enjoyable. There was always an element of work. If you have to flick 5 screen pages to equal 1 book page it felt like a drag. In the last seven days I have finished two books just on the iPhone. The Ipad minis’ days are numbered, most likely in favor of an iPad Air reading around the house.
  7. There is one thing about the Iphone 6 plus that I did not take into account when I ordered it and that is being self conscious. Android users have always had several screen size options. I have seen a lot of the Samsung Note users in stores with large phones. iPhone users have been limited to a 3.5 or more recently 4″ screens for the last seven years. Having a larger phone (even the iPhone 6) has made me more aware of those around me and feeling a little odd. I am sure as more users get newer iPhones and I become more accustom to the device this feeling will fade away.

  1. Yes I know I am comparing it to a one year old device with 300 charges or more on it and that the internal capacity of the iPhone 6 plus is larger.↩︎