Lucky Me | Thomas Borowski

Thomas Borowski creator of the Groovboard and host of Think Make Sell podcast (and my co-host on The Makers Journal) was in a terrible accident last week as a result of a collision with a deer. Fortunately he is ok. One of the things that I found fascinating was Tom’s initial thoughts while waiting for help to arrive.

As we were waiting for the police to arrive, some random thoughts started going through my mind:

  • Thank goodness my dog wasn’t in the car (I had just dropped him off at the dog sitter). The car’s probably totaled. I hope my glasses are OK. * I hope my MacBook is OK (yeah, I know).”

I was reviewing the list, noticing that Tom’s well being was not initially mentioned, I realized that as long as my pet or loved ones were not in the car this would have been my exact thought process as well. I wonder if other people would also share a similar list or does this has to do with who we are as people and our particular personality?