The State of Pos

Last week my girlfriend and I traveled up the coast of Maine. All along the way we stopped in the cities and towns. We visisted Portland, Kennebunk Port, Camdem, Belfast and Rockland. In each area there were little stores that we explored.

The one thing that struck me was the number of stores that were using Apple based point of sales (POS). Some used iMacs while many used iPads with an external register. After I noticed the first few I decided to stop and ask the shop keepers what software they were running. LightSpeed and QuickSale were the most common but there were several others we encountered.

I guess this intrigued me because compare to where I live I almost never seen any Apple POS in the retail stores. In Maine I would estimate that it was in 8/10 stores. Perhaps this is a trend that that will move from East to West across the United States.