iGoogle to Be Discontinued

Google has some nice tools. They just don’t always work for me. I think it boils down to a trust issue. I am not crazy about being the product. One of the few Google services I do like and enjoy is iGoogle. It is my web browser home page and allows me a snapshot of news services, stock information (things I track not necessarily own) and some headlines from a few blogs. I know there is the bug push for all things Google+ but I suspect that the reason it is being deprecated is that there is no ad revenue being generated. One of the few services that has not gone this way. Returning from vacation Monday I opened up my home page to see this notice on the top of the screen.

Google screenshot

I know there are others out services that will provide a similar “dashboard” functionality so I will begin to investigate those now. If you know of a service that you like I would love to hear about it.