Andrew Kim Rebrands Microsoft

Matt Alexander at One37net points out this brilliant Microsoft rebranding idea from art student Andrew Kim.  This article is a must read. There are some great ideas and all of the works was created and executed over a 3 day self created project.  If nothing else Microsoft should hire Andrew to help with the overall branding.

Andrew Kim Rebrands Microsoft:

Andrew Kim has produced an extensive, thoughtful, and thoroughly impressive rebranding of Microsoft. Although obviously unofficial, the expression of minimalistic tendencies, the simplification of product names, and the liberal use of color each make me woefully wish this project were real.

Today, the unification of Microsoft’s product-line is sorely needed. Regardless of the promise of any one of Microsoft’s products or the increasing aesthetic seamlessness across the board, there is a distinct lack of a cohesive narrative across the company’s outward facade. Further, as is highlighted by Andrew, Microsoft’s misplaced efforts toward endearing the customer through lighthearted and colorful imagery is utterly ill-conceived.

Combining a modern — borderline science-fiction-esque — tone with a contemporary naming scheme, I cannot help but think Andrew has latched onto a fantastic concept for the entirety of Microsoft’s brand.

I highly recommend you peruse the entirety of Andrew’s Next Microsoft concept. It’s fantastic.

(Via ONE37)