Mini House in Belgium

Here is another brilliant use of small space. The house was designed for a couple. My favorite feature is the floating stairs. I love how the functionality is there but they are not heavy visually in the room.

Mini House in Belgium


This house in Bruxelles, Belgium, did not boast a generous square footage. Which is why the team at Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf Architectesdecided to expand the place vertically. This contemporary loft was created for a couple with no kids, so the design could get away some adventurous elements. Namely,several sets of minimal floating staircases were used to access each level, and a classic fireman’s pole to easily get down to the bottom floor from any of the upper three floors. How cool is that! The house incorporates a kitchen/dining area, a small living room, a dressing room co-joined with the powder room. A beautiful sleeping loft (my favorite detail) is finishing this dwelling.

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Floating Stairs

Open Plan


White Room

Bent Stairs

Bent Stairs

Roof Line



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