What Is Worth Supporting?

Today there are so many causes worthy of being supported. Charities, community work family and friends all are great and really no brainers. But how do you feel about supporting artists?

Wait wait I don’t need to support artists that is what the National Endowment for the Arts is for. Right?

Well that may be true but it also depends on your definition of an artist. I think many people are artists but don’t feel like they deserve the moniker. But my definition of an artist is someone who creates something great or wonderful regardless of their medium That can be writing, music, a podcast, a computer application or a photographer. There are many of these people who create fantastic products. Some do it for the love of the craft, some do it on the side and hope to be able to do it full time and some people have made that jump and do it as their full time job.

Lately, I am personally attracted to supporting writers, photographers and podcasters. Why these groups? Perhaps it is because someday I would like to write more professionally. For now I write my random thoughts as best best I can and hope I can learn a few things. Podcasting is another group of creators I really enjoy as well. Sometimes it is for the entertainment value, but lately I have been thinking about it’s more about audible learning. I can listen to something while I am driving that is topical for me and take something away from it. Having worked as a photographer myself in the past I understand how hard it is to do great work and find others that appreciate your talen. All of these things have costs associated with them. It could be the writers time, a photographers equipment or a podcasters bandwidth charges.

Support does not mean forking over your entire paycheck either. Support can come in a simple membership. It could be as little as $3.00 a month to support that writer or purchasing a t-shirt from the site. Many times bloggers will have affliate links on their site so if you purchase something using their link to that store they will get a small piece of credit. Sometimes if could be a simple donation. There are thousands of examples like these listed below.

Here are just few examples to conisder.

These sites are out there - great work is out there. If you see something that really resonantes with you conisder supporting the maker(s).

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