Reading: Kindle Versus iPad

I think the only fair way to start this post is. Hi my name is Austin and I have a problem with books.

Primarily I like to read books on design, business, case studies, technology and sustainability.

Recently I moved to a smaller place and storage of books is an issue. As a result I have to pick and choose what book I want to have in my collection. Also the cost was becoming an issue as well because traditional paper based books are more expensive then e-books.

So in order to make the best of my spacial situation I have been buying 95% of my books in electronic format since January of this year. I also think that there is a benefit to the environment now by not having to use a paper based resource for all these books. There certainly is a cost savings as well - but that is clearly offset if you end up purchasing more books like myself.

The problem I have run into now is where do I get the books and which device to I read them. I have both an iPad2 and a Kindle.I think both devices have great merit for different reasons. The Kindle is a wonderful single purpose device that is easy to read for very long periods of time on. With the addition of the Amazon integrated case/light reading is bed is also very nice. And of course Amazon has the largest selection of e-books available. The iPad is an amazing device - allowing me to work, listen to music, get email as well as read on it.The addition of the Apple iBookstore is also wonderful as well. The iBookstore does not have as many books in it as Amazon but it continues to grow. The added bonus is that Amazon has created the Kindle app for iPad.

Although the reading is a similar experience I enjoy the iBooks animation for page turning more than the blink of the Kindle. The flash of the black screen really bothers me - I did get used to it but in terms of user experience its not my favorite. So know when I want to read a book now I go through these gyrations of rules before I purchase a book

  1. Do I want to own the paper based version of this book?
  2. Is it available in iBookstore?
  3. What is the cost relative to Amazon Kindle version?
  4. Where do I have credits (iTunes or Amazon)
  5. Where will I be reading this book primarily? (home, work, travel)

Since January I have been tracking my purchases and so far it is a 50/50 split between the 2 book platforms. I really have no complaints and I do appreciate the the options that are afforded to consumers for reading. I guess I am wondering if other people who have a similar process they go through for their selection of reading material.