Constriction and Compression

Lately, I feel like many things in life are suffering from constriction or compression.

The action of making something narrower by pressure or of becoming narrower; tightening.

  • Time: Time is a precious resource. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and yet there never seems to be enough of it.

  • Attention: Commercials, ads, limited time offers, act now. All ways to capture your attention for the benefit of someone else.

  • Money: As prices go up there is a compression/constriction on our wallets to use the same amount of money to buy what we used to but we can not.

I think many people are aware of the first three, they are probably the most common, but as I look around I find more everyday ones.

  • Aisle width: Ever notice how aisles in most stores and markets are getting smaller so they can get a few more aisles in the store. Sometimes two carriages can not even pass each other.

  • Packages(shrink fla-tion): Have you recently picked up what used to be a lunch-size bag of potato chips? It now holds 4 chips for the same price.

  • Photos: If you have ever uploaded a photo to Instagram or Facebook you know how compressed these images are. I understand its for the company to make them fast and save space but some of the compression routines destroy the images.

  • Streaming Services: Much like out photos the TV Series and moves that we watch are also very compressed. Some of the services offer a special 4k tier but it is truly not 4k.

  • Store Layouts: Stores squeeze you to the back of the store for the one item everyone wants.1 Large stores create a maze you have to get through so you see everything2. Forcing you down the maze.

Does anyone else feel this way?

  1. Milk, butter soft-drinks↩︎

  2. Think IKEA↩︎