Font Men

I saw this on Apartment Therapy last week and have been meaning to post it for others to see..  It is a brief 6 minute file about  Hoefler & Frere-Jones type foundry.  This company has created some of the best known and successful fonts.

This is a little behind the scenes about why they create fonts and some of the process on how it starts.  Unfortunately there is a legal battle between the two now so what will happen with the foundry remains to be seen.

If you are a type nerd though it is worth your time.

2 thoughts on “Font Men”

  1. Loved this video. There is something truly fascinating and inspiring about fonts – something ineffable. These guys touch on that when they talk about knowing when it’s right but not being able to define why it’s wrong. Thanks Austin.

  2. Totally agree. I am just bummed that they are in a legal battle now. Together what a very powerful team. I get the sense there was and is a lot of internal competition between the two of them,

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