Bloc ~ the Perfect Placeholder for Your Apple Tv

Woke up this morning to a nice write up by the designers at mmminmal. The site is described as:
a blend of tasteful designs and articles based on the concept of minimalism. The site mmminimal is currently run by the likes of Rob Hope and Derek Clark, two web dev/designers based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Flipping through their posts it made it an obvious addition to my feed reeder !

Thanks mmminimal !

We love this! Bloc is seriously the perfect compliment to your Apple TV. Designed and crafted by Apple fans the Bloc is not only pretty but functional too. The weighted base prevents your HDMI cable of moving your Apple TV all over the place as I’m sure you have experienced. The remote place holder saves you from having to look all over the place to find your clicker” or in my case another trip to the Apple store… Somebody buy this for us now!”

Walnut Bloc