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Don McAllister has hit an impasse with his great SCOTutor iOS apps. All the apps were approved and then later pulled form the store as being just videos. Don reworked the apps and resubmitted to show new functionality. They were rejected and so was his latest appeal.

I pointed out several video tutorial apps that had been reviewed and accepted into the store THIS MONTH but still no capitulation on the fact that they considered my Apps movies.

I pointed out the rework of the SCOTutor Apps to included additional app functionality, but still they won’t budge.

So I’ve pretty much run out of patience trying to get the Apps re-instated on the iOS store.” This is a disappointment. Although iOS has a high degree of intuitiveness these apps have been where I have pointed friends and family to for additional training. I have gifted these too many. I think this is an example of where Apple got it wrong.