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Last week Michael wrote a piece about new models of Nikon camera, specifically the Coolpix S800, is rumored to be running a version of Android as the camera operating system.

I have been sitting thinking about this for a while. As a long time Nikon user I am not sure how I feel about android on the camera. Not because it is Android and I am an Apple fan, more because of the fragmentation of Android in general. While writing this I am thinking about the Kindle Fire as an example. Amazon took the open Android, forked it and rewrote it to do everything they could to hide anything that looked like or functioned like Android from the regular user. But now this is a problem for them. Updating it is not easy. New functionality has to be rewritten. So in a sense with this open approach they have closed themselves off.

I have always enjoyed the Nikon camera functions - more so then Canon for example. I worry how this will affect overall functionality. Will this OS jist live on the point and shoot models or make its way up to the Pro-level cameras? I agree with Michael’s thought.

I suspect that it is only a matter of time before most consumer-oriented cameras get an OS

Time will tell I am sure.