Marissa Mayer’s 9 Principles of Innovation

Fast Company posted a from Googles’ then VP of Search on her Principles of Innovation. While the article was from 4 years ago I think these principles could be un-googlefied” and apply to many many companies that exist today. There is nothing complicated about them at all, very straigtforward. Its worth reading the full list. I expanded two of my favorite points below.

  1. Innovation, Not Instant Perfection

  2. Ideas Come From Everywhere

    We have this great internal list where people post new ideas and everyone can go on and see them. It’s like a voting pool where you can say how good or bad you think an idea is. Those comments lead to new ideas.”

  3. A License to Pursue Your Dreams

  4. Morph Projects don’t Kill Them

  5. Share as much Information as you can

  6. Users, Users, Users

  7. Data is Apolitical

  8. Creativity loves contraints

    This is one of my favorites. People think of creativity as this sort of unbridled thing, but engineers thrive on constraints. They love to think their way out of that little box: We know you said it was impossible, but we’re going to do this, this, and that to get us there.”

  9. You’re Brilliant? We’re Hiring