Why I Didn’t Buy the MacBook Pro Retina

Pietro and Michael wrote blog posts for their rationale to why they didn’t buy a retina MacBook Pro.

Pietro goes into depth about each of these reasons that it prevented him from making the purchase.

  • Revision A product
  • Hardware pushed to the limits
  • Cost
  • Michael simplified part of his rational to:
  • Weight
  • Size

All of these arguments are excellent and I agree with all of them. Those factored into my decision. But there was one point that was left out was huge for me that I wanted to touch on. Most applications have not retina-field. I know the software developers are working hard now to update their graphic assets but it will still take some time. When I went to the Apple Store to check out the machine I was impressed. How could you not be? All the programs I was using for the most part were Apple based and had the opportunity to have been updated. I did come across a few Apple programs that had yet to be updated, and while the text looked great - the images and icons in many cases looked worse. What if the one application I use everyday looks worse for the next X months.

Also I found the web did not look great either. Text rendered fine but overall I think the visual experience was worse. Not necessarily which web browser you choose, but other peoples web sites. For years 72dpi has been the standard for graphics. The standard came about to optimize speed of image download to the browsers. The new iPad (third generation) was the first large” screen retina display. After the release people were trying to come up with ways to update their sites to make them look better via CSS or JavaScript hacks. This is an ongoing update. But there is no agreed upon best” to do this yet. While I think the desktop applications will be updated sooner I think it will be some time before the web looks better. This was the kicker for me which held me back for the first version.