What We Believe In

Author Patrick Rhone released another book last week called Minimal Mac: What We Believe In. The entire book is made up from posts from his website that have been carefully cultivatated and curated down to the essays in the book. Everything in the book is on his web site. For free.

I have been following Partick’s site since late 2010. I have read everyone of these posts on the site as he wrote them. As patron of the site I received a copy of the book. And to make things even crazier I bought a few copies as well for friends.

This is a book worth purchasing for the flow of the essays. Do yourself a favor even if you have read all the posts - buy the book here (currently not on Amazon or iBookstore but you get both versions for your devices). It’s a very good use of $5.00. I think you will really enjoy it.