Running on Air

Today I am going to start a series of posts called Running on Air. The focus of these posts will be to showcase individuals who use their Macbook Air (either size) to run their business.1(#fn-1 see footnote”)

People always find an excuse not to create. I need more computer power. I can’t do that. I need a manufacturer. I don’t have the skills in that area. But actually now is a great time to put those lizard brain ideas aside and try. There has never really been a time like now, when it is so easy to create a run a business in general form your laptop. What I want to do is let these people tell their stories. How they use the technology to work better - not harder.

I am focusing on the Macbook Air. I know there are many other devices that could do the same thing. This is not a Mac versus PC thing. This is about telling the story about a particular product that I love.

I am in the process of launching a side project for myself and will also be documenting the software and tools I use throughout the process. I will be running it exclusively from an 11” MacBook Air. Perhaps this will take some of the mystery out of the others to encourage them try it for themselves.

You can help me too. If you know someone who is doing this please have them send me an email or contact me on twitter.

Thanks ! Austin

  1. It is still ok if you use cloud services or hosted web sites. ↩︎
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