What Do You Call Yourself?

Lets Make Mistakes

A week ago I was listening to the live version of  “Lets Make Mistakes podcast from Muleradio.net and a woman emailed in to say she needed some design experience so she could do more in-house. It was more of how to I get started question and where do I look for training.  It got me thinking a lot so I sent in a question to Mike and Katie in the hopes it would get answered.

My question was this:

What do you call a person - who asks the correct questions for problem solving, can do wire frames and flows of how something should work, knows how to make sure you are not complicating things when trying to solve a design problem but perhaps is not the the person doing the Photoshop, InDesign, PHP programming or any other hands on aspect of the job?

Are they a designer? creative? or something else? The episode is apply titled Abandonment Issues and Identity Crisis. This is something I have struggled with for years as to how to place a moniker on some of the work I do, and to do it in a fashion that will not anger other hands on creative people”.

According to Mike using the term Designer is fine.  And he goes on to provide nice examples and definitions of how and why that is the case. The question comes in at 17:05 in the podcast.  You can listen to Episode #50 here.

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