Mexican Internet Provider Offers Free Wi-Fi Access in Exchange for Dog Poop

Here is an interesting way to recycle waste for energy.  Even if it is really odd.  The short video is in Spanish but worth viewing.  I think my favorite part is at 1:27 in the video where the guy appears to be desperately trying to get his dog to poop by shaking him.

Mexican internet provider offers free Wi-Fi access in exchange for dog poop:

Asmita Prasad:

Picking up your dog’s business” is not an appealing prospect for owners though this new initiative by called DBB might be able to lure people into cleaning up after their pooches. The new campaign promises that for every deposit made in a special box, the surrounding area will receive free Wi-Fi for a certain period. Created by Mexican internet company Terra, the initiative looks to prompt people to keep public parks clean while generating free Wi-Fi services.

And the program has something for the eco nuts too. According to Terra, the DBB has the capacity to convert feces receptacles into methane digesters that would allow these poop collection bins to generate electricity that can be reused to power lights etc. in the very parks they are installed in.

Via: Inhabitat

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