Last week Ben Brooks wrote a post about the gamification of iOS apps. In the post he had some harsh things to say about the process of not releasing all the features and and turning it into a game versus an Easter egg.

And gamification bugs me quite a bit, because I think it is disrespectful to users of the app. If I pay for your app, why do I still need to jump through hoops to get all of the features of your app? I can only assume it is because making me jump through hoops amuses the developer in some way.

He received a few negative responses due to his post. I personally fee that these may have been unfairly launched, but regardless Ben told us what he likes and what he does not like and why. Today I find this refreshing because he gave his opinion ! You may not have liked the words, terms or phrases but he gave his authentic voice. I agree with his view and welcome more bloggers to say what they really feel instead of beating around the bush.