I am huge fan of Instapaper. I think I have written about it before. I love how this application looks and works and I rely on it for a better reading experience everyday. I also have come to use it as a holding ground for research.

In one of the last updates, I believe it is 41 or 4.1.1 there has been a small tweak to the dark mode.

At night, switch to Dark Mode for more comfortable reading. Instapaper can even switch automatically after sunset.

I use dark mode at night when I am reading in bed. One of the things that bothered me slightly was even though the background was dark and the text was white on it. Images though were glaringly bright.  So if you were reading and there was a large image in the layout at night it could feel like there was a small hotspot in the middle of the display.

Marco has added a feature that I believe is being overlooked on just how good it is. Now when you are in night mode the If you need to see in more detail and tap the image it will illuminate to normal brightness. It is a brilliant UI implementation.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode with image dimmed

Tapping on the image in dark mode will raise it to normal brightness.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode image illuminated