Personal Touch

Today so many of us buy things on the internet. Why not? It’s easy and generally less expensive. But with all the benefits there appears to be no personality with the purchases. Words like robotron, automaton come to mind.

In the last couple of weeks I have made a few purchases on line. The first was to support a great website call The Great Discontent. The site features amazing interviews with all types of artists and designers.

The Great Discontent is a journal of interviews focusing on creativity, risk, and what connects us as artists.

The site also boasts an amazing responsive design as well. TGD sold a t-shirt to readers to help support the site. Since I love what Ryan and Tina do I bought one. When the order arrived it came with a few TGD stickers and a personal not attached to the card. This made me feel even better about supporting them and yet they did not have to do it.

The Great Discontent

The second product is made by a company called Quiver. They are pen holders that attach to your Moleskine notebooks. Since I use these all the time and having a writing implement is necessary I thought I would get one to try out. I needed the little plastic strip so that I could use them with hard or soft notebooks.


The package came quickly in the mail with a handwritten thank-you on the invoice. When I ordered the original Quiver this was also the case, but I forgot to snap a photo.

Does this really matter? Probably not in the grand scheme of things. Did it make an impression on me - absolutely. Will I remember and talk about these products and services again - YES ! These makers took a little extra time to do something different - to add the personal touch.