Why Do We Design?

This is a question I seem to ask myself a lot. I am not a trained designer in any traditional sense of the word. I like to think up ideas and then try and execute on them. I think in the greater sense of the question why we design” is for one of a couple of reasons.

  1. Looking for that big cash out. Recently I have heard it called the lottery mindset
  2. Desire to scratch an itch

My desires do not really fit into either of those options completely. I like to find a void and try and correct or change it with some beautiful and elegant solution. If I can make some additional money on the side, great, but that is not the initial reason for doing any of these things. Perhaps this is not the best mentality for going into a new venture but then again how good is it to create product or service that’s free and hope to get purchased. Rarely does that happen.

I have been working in an idea for several months. Getting feedback. Tryng to validate that the issue has been solved. Trying to pull all the pieces together at one time. I plan to write a series of posts on all the steps and missteps I have been through. If you are creating a product, hopefully I can share some of the mistakes I made and prevent you from doing the same.

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