Retail Stores From Shipping Containers

I am a fan reusing shipping containers.  Most of the examples I have seen are very modern homes or backyard writing offices. This is the first commercial/retail example I have seen.  It serves a purpose, creates a unique space and is a great use of something that would more than likely end up rotting in a storage yard.  I would like to see other retailers do something similar if it fits their business model.

Starbucks’ New Store: Made of Shipping Containers! The Seattle Times:


Located in Tukwila, Washington, Starbucks just opened a new walk-up and drive-through only location (i.e. no indoor seating) made out of four shipping containers. Dubbed The Reclamation Drive-Thru,” we’re wondering: is this a one-off design for Starbucks, or the first in a trend towards greener building?

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(Via Apartment Therapy - Green)