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Traveling and Random Thoughts Oct 10, 2019 Travel Over the past two years, my family and I have had the extraordinary opportunity to travel more than we ever have. Each trip has been amazing. During Soy Sauce Company Working With Apple on Clean Energy Project - 9to5Mac Aug 27, 2019 Apple & Eco Soy sauce company working with Apple on clean energy project - 9to5Mac: Apple working with soy sauce company on clean energy project in Taiwan Apple the Largest Us User of Solar Power, Ahead of Amazon - 9to5Mac Aug 11, 2019 Eco I love to see how alternative energy sources are growing in business use. Apple has been pushing forward with this for some time. Companies outside Recycling Counts Jul 9, 2019 Apple & Eco At first glance, .83 grams (0.02927 ounces) may not seem like a lot. Many may not feel it’s worth the effort to spend the time to recycle it, but it Concerts and Shows Jul 2, 2019 Music Seeing bands perform live in concerts and shows if something I love. The other day I was comparing bands I have seen with some friends and decided Next page