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Blot + Bear + Shortcuts Aug 14, 2023 Blog I have had and semi-maintained a blog for about 16+ years. Some years were lost during one of the many conversions. I started on Blogger, then moved Why Ask the Question? Aug 10, 2023 Service Scenario: You’re in your favorite store ( drugstore, grocery, pet supply), and you are looking around for a particular item. You don’t find it, but Delighting Your Customers Jul 14, 2023 Service More often than not, I have found lately, more vendors don’t care about their customers. They want you to work with them, but little or no effort Cleaning Out the Office Jul 12, 2023 Music Ever so often you have to clean out - reorganize your office. Usually, I am asking myself what is this? Why have I saved this? I came across my Currently Reading Jun 13, 2023 Books Different Escaping the Competitive Herd by Youngme Moon Next page