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Delighting Your Customers Jul 14, 2023 Service More often than not, I have found lately, more vendors don’t care about their customers. They want you to work with them, but little or no effort Cleaning Out the Office Jul 12, 2023 Music Ever so often you have to clean out - reorganize your office. Usually, I am asking myself what is this? Why have I saved this? I came across my Currently Reading Jun 13, 2023 Books Different Escaping the Competitive Herd by Youngme Moon High Tech Dentistry May 23, 2023 I had to have a very old cavity repaired, and I was hoping to have it completed before the tooth had some failure requiring an implant (which I have Mind Blown 🤯 Apr 26, 2023 Travel This winter walking around with my wife in the Czech Republic, a former Eastern block country, with my phone(computer) in my hand, getting GPS Next page