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iPad Growing Use List → Jul 3, 2021 Apple I love when I am out and about (now that it is a little easier) and seeing the iPad’s being expanded in everyday uses. I remember the commercial We Should Have Workshopped That More Nov 22, 2019 Misc Tesla showed off the new Cybertruck boasting bulletproof glass - strong enough to stop a 9mm bullet. The window shattered when a weighted ball was TextSoap - Halloween Egg Nov 1, 2019 Software I use TextSoap a lot to clean up and reformat various pieces of text for documents and in particular for the web. I love the Markdown functions a Twitter Will Stop Running Political Ads Ahead of 2020 Election Oct 30, 2019 Software While I believe Twitter has many problems going on within the company, I view this as a great move. “We’ve made the decision to stop all political Facebook’s Preventive Health Tool Asks People to Advocate for Their Health Oct 30, 2019 Software Facebook’s Preventive Health tool asks people to advocate for their health - The Verge: Starting today, Facebook will let users choose to get Next page