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High Tech Dentistry May 23, 2023 I had to have a very old cavity repaired, and I was hoping to have it completed before the tooth had some failure requiring an implant (which I have Mind Blown 🤯 Apr 26, 2023 Travel This winter walking around with my wife in the Czech Republic, a former Eastern block country, with my phone(computer) in my hand, getting GPS Random Thoughts on Prague Apr 18, 2023 Travel After dropping my stepdaughter off at school in Prague, I recently returned home with my wife. Yes, that Prague in the Czech Republic. We loved Apple Says It’s Closer Than Ever to Having a Completely Carbon Neutral Supply Chain ↦ Apr 11, 2023 Eco Apple has set a public goal to go completely carbon neutral in its supply chain by 2030, and it’s out with an update on those efforts today. Business, Start-Up, or Lifestyle Feb 17, 2023 Business The other day I read an article about starting a lifestyle business versus a start-up. The gist of the article was unless you were a start-up with Next page