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Technology to Increase the Quality of Pets Lives Aug 25, 2023 Apple & Pets How can you not love this? I just saw this video for a company 3DPets using iPhone hardware to create 3D scans to make pet prosthetics. I know if Bear Shortcut Aug 16, 2023 Blog In the previous post, I discussed my blogging setup and how it has evolved. I mentioned I moved to Bear 2.0 and tried to use it to manage my blog Blot + Bear + Shortcuts Aug 14, 2023 Blog I have had and semi-maintained a blog for about 16+ years. Some years were lost during one of the many conversions. I started on Blogger, then moved Why Ask the Question? Aug 10, 2023 Service Scenario: You’re in your favorite store ( drugstore, grocery, pet supply), and you are looking around for a particular item. You don’t find it, but Delighting Your Customers Jul 14, 2023 Service More often than not, I have found lately, more vendors don’t care about their customers. They want you to work with them, but little or no effort Next page