Things I am currently working on:

  • Reading: After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul
  • Finished Reading: Effortless: Make It Easy to Get the Right Things Done
  • Purging: Re-evaluating many of the things I own to decide if I still need” them or not. Then find a good home for anything I am not keeping.
  • Continuing to learn Procreate as a tool to work on my drawing more
  • Working on new ideas for a side hustle that I really enjoy doing and can bring in a few extra dollars.
  • Continuing to edit my wife’s weekly podcast The Revelation Project on my iPad using Ferrite. I have now edited 130 episodes this way.
  • Just returned from a trip in Peru which was great but both came home sick so in recovery mode.

Inspired by Derek Sivers