I am a Marketing Technologist, designer, and unapologetic Apple fan. I am fascinated with design and user experience. I have been told I spend too much time on the little details that no one else cares about.

Previously I created blocs.tv. (which I have now shut down). Blocs were created because of three desires I had to make the product even better: bloc

  • I wanted to sit the Apple TV into a base that prevented it from rotating. The weight of the cables often made the unit rotate, and then it was harder to use the remote. (plus, it made me crazy).
  • I wanted a place to store the remote when not in use. It was great but so small I was always misplacing it.
  • I wanted to blend some warm organic woods with this fantastic piece of technology.

About This Site

I write mostly about design, technology, business and service. But will write about whatever moves me at the moment.

This site was created and runs on Blot. All the text is written using Markdown, usually starting in Drafts, MarkEdit or Bear App.


My primary computer is an M2 MacBook Air in Twilight. I have an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) that I use all the time. I like having the best device for what my needs are at that moment.


For none work-related tools,I use:

Podcast Tools

  • Izotope RX-Advanced for cleaning noise out of recordings
  • Ferrite (on iPad) for editing podcasts.
  • Pixelmator Pro and Canva for image editing and design
  • Forecast for MP3 and Chapter encoding for podcasts

You can reach me on Mastodon at ‪@aewhite@mastodon.social‬