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Why I Didn’t Buy the MacBook Pro Retina Jul 16, 2012 Apple Pietro and Michael wrote blog posts for their rationale to why they didn’t buy a retina MacBook Pro. Pietro goes into depth about each of these Running on Air: Bill Barnes Jul 16, 2012 Running on Air I came across Bill Barnes web site called Not Invented Here and a post he wrote more than a year ago about using his MacBook Air for work. I Writers Business Models Jul 14, 2012 Business Q. I want to get paid for the blog I write, what is the best way? A. Easy! There is no best way. Fortunately for you there are more and more models Tweetbot for Mac Public Alpha Available for Download | Tuaw - the Unofficial Apple Weblog Jul 11, 2012 Software Tapbots released Tweetbot for Mac today in a public ALPHA release. I expect it to will initially be rough around the edges but I so look forward to iGoogle to Be Discontinued Jul 11, 2012 Misc Google has some nice tools. They just don’t always work for me. I think it boils down to a trust issue. I am not crazy about being the product. One Next page