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Running on Air: Steve Kamb Jul 30, 2012 Running on Air Can you name a person whose hometown is Sandwich Massachusetts, runs a business from all around the world, and has recently given aTedX speech? If “Net Income Decreased 96%” Jul 27, 2012 Business MG Siegler reports on a story from Business Wire about Amazons latest numbers. The numbers are truly staggering: Net income decreased 96% to $7 Making the Move Jul 27, 2012 Misc I have been using SquareSpace for some time now. I was part of the beta to test V6. The changes are very nice in terms of functionality with more Ideas Are Easy Jul 25, 2012 Business Step 1: The idea Ideas are easy. Executing on an idea and turning into reality is much harder. I have been trying to come up with a side project The Architect Is In: A Tiny Live/Work Loft Made Large Jul 23, 2012 Small Spaces I have mentioned several times how I am intrigued with well designed spaces. I prefer smaller ones. If done well you do not get the feeling of being Next page