Reading: Kindle versus iPad

Image from GottaBeMobileI think the only fair way to start this post is. Hi my name is Austin and I have a problem with books. I am a huge reader. I have too many books. Sometimes I feel like I own a small library. ( can you charge to loan books out like a library?  have … Read more

Small scale wind

I love the fact that smaller scale wind turbines are coming out. I hope someone comes up with a smaller unit that is reasonably priced for residential areas. I know many people think that if you can not provide all your houses electricity that it is not worth it. I disagree and think that anything … Read more

A re-newed appreciation for podcasts

For the last two weeks I have re-started listening to podcasts.  Early on I listened to several and either the podcasters quit or they did not have a consistent enough voice to deliver their message.  I also noticed that in the past I used to listen to these podcasts in a dedicated fashion – meaning … Read more

In Search of: A better computer bag (Part 2)

So after a lot of thought, too much thought , I plunked down my money and ordered the Tom Bihn Ristretto.  Of course as soon as I ordered it they were back ordered for a few weeks.  But I figured that was due to the large amount of press they had received from bloggers and fans. … Read more

Great snarky headlines about Microsoft buying Skype

I have to admit, reading these made me laugh quite a bit. From 9to5 Mac: Microsoft to buy Skype for $8.5B, two slow companies get slower From the Brooks Review: Interesting Things Microsoft Can Do With Skype* From Macfilos : Skype and Microsoft: Getting their lame ducks in a row  * I am betting the bottom options … Read more

In Search of: A better computer bag (Part 1)

I have owned more computer bags and cases then I care to admit. Many times I created a story in my head that would allow me to purchase (read justify to myself) a bag for a particular need. But then I end up being let down. Before I purchased another bag I wanted to make … Read more


Apple has just released a new commercial for the iPad 2 entitled “We Believe”.  Its a bit of a departure from some of their others ads. This one shows how  focusing on technology can be useful, productive and simple.  My favortite line in the commercials says When technology gets out of the way, everything becomes … Read more

Enough Said

Great image of product development in 2 pictures over 10 years (Via Lifework – Herman Miller.)

Twitter with Seth Godin (or my minor brush with fame)

Last week marketing author Seth Godin and founder of the Domino Project in conjunction with Amazon had a hour long twitter session where he answered questions on a host of things related to his new book “Poke the Box“.  He started the  This was the first time to my knowledge he had done this.  I … Read more