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The Subtlty of Search Aug 2, 2012 Design If you are interested in little UI/UX details I recommend you head over to Little Big Details to check out some of their postings. One that I really Photographer Shoots Olympics Using iPhone, Snapseed and a Pair of Binoculars > Aug 2, 2012 Photography Who says you need a lot of expensive camera’s and equipment to take good pictures? The Guardian has a collection of Dan Chung’s photographs that Marissa Mayer’s 9 Principles of Innovation Aug 1, 2012 Business Fast Company posted a from Googles’ then VP of Search on her Principles of Innovation. While the article was from 4 years ago I think these Rumoured New iPhone Jul 31, 2012 Apple I am not a huge fan of the rumor mill when it comes to Apples new products. There was a time when I was more I admit. But now the level of Running on Air: Steve Kamb Jul 30, 2012 Running on Air Can you name a person whose hometown is Sandwich Massachusetts, runs a business from all around the world, and has recently given aTedX speech? If Next page