Books 2019

Below are the books I read this year, fewer than I would have liked. I started this back in 2012 based on something that I had seen Patrick Rhone had published on his site.

All of these books were read on a Kindle, the links included are for Kindle versions but most are available vie Apple Books as well.

We should have workshopped that more

Tesla showed off the new Cybertruck boasting bulletproof glass – strong enough to stop a 9mm bullet. The window shattered when a weighted ball was tossed at the first window. To make even more of a spectacle they did it again – same result.

Screen Shot 2019 11 22 at 3 27 50 PM

Musk “It didn’t go through”

I am sure that is providing a lot of confidence for future buyers.

TextSoap – Halloween Egg

I use TextSoap a lot to clean up and reformat various pieces of text for documents and in particular for the web. I love the Markdown functions a lot. Yesterday when I was cleaning up some text, I noticed that the dock icon had updates to show a Jack-0-Lantern for the day. Nice touch.


Twitter will stop running political ads ahead of 2020 election

While I believe Twitter has many problems going on within the company, I view this as a great move.

“We’ve made the decision to stop all political advertising on Twitter globally. We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought,” Dorsey tweeted.

Facebook’s Preventive Health tool asks people to advocate for their health

Facebook’s Preventive Health tool asks people to advocate for their health – The Verge:

Starting today, Facebook will let users choose to get personalized reminders about health care tests and vaccines. The company’s new Preventive Health tool focuses on getting people information about cancer screenings, heart checkups, and flu vaccines — all measures that could hopefully help people catch deadly conditions long before they become lethal.

The tool is simply called Preventive Health, and is now available to Facebook users in the United States. It takes a user’s age and sex from their Facebook profile and provides them with a list of recommended screenings based on those two data points.

I am sure flocks of people will be signing up for this. Facebook has already proved they don’t share data and have complete control of how it could be used for good instead of evil.

Traveling and Random Thoughts

Over the past two years, my family and I have had the extraordinary opportunity to travel more than we ever have. Each trip has been amazing. During each trip, I collected a list of random thoughts from each location. I am going to write up my observations of each destination.

Apple the largest US user of solar power, ahead of Amazon – 9to5Mac

I love to see how alternative energy sources are growing in business use. Apple has been pushing forward with this for some time. Companies outside of tech are in the top 10 as well and I think this continues a good trend.

The top 10 companies are:

1. Apple 2. Amazon 3. Target 4. Walmart 5. Switch 6. Google 7. Kaiser Permanente 8. Prologis 9. Solvay 10. Fifth Third Bank
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Categories Eco

Recycling Counts

At first glance, .83 grams (0.02927 ounces) may not seem like a lot. Many may not feel it’s worth the effort to spend the time to recycle it, but it all adds up. Considering the scale of Apple products in general, this is a considerable saving in raw materials and environmental impact. I love that this core to Apple initiatives.

Concerts and Shows

Seeing bands perform live in concerts and shows if something I love. The other day I was comparing bands I have seen with some friends and decided to put a list together. I am sure there are many more that I have forgotten and will update this list as I come across pictures or memorabilia from the shows. Not all of these are from my favorites bands, but all the shows I count myself lucky to have seen.

* The Clash (2x)
* The Pretenders (2x)
* Iggy Pop (2x)
* Dire Straits
* Garbage (2x)
* Romeo Void
* Elton Jon (2x)
* Aimee Mann and Til Tuesday
* Bad Brains
* Bad Religion
* Billy Joel (2x)
* Elton John (2x)
* Big Audio Dynamite (2x)
* Billy Idol (2x)
* Husker Du
* Bob Mould
* Bon Jovi (3x)
* Buzzcocks
* The Cars
* Collective Soul (2x)
* Def Leppard
* Eric Clapton (2x)
* Annie Lennox
* Eurythmics
* Sting (3x)
* The Police (2x)
* Killing Joke
* Janes Addiction
* Jimmy Cliff (2x)
* Steel Pulse
* John Hiatt
* The Neighborhoods (4x)
* Public Image Limited
* Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Robert Cray (2x)
* Steve Ray Vaughan (2x)
* Toots and the Maytals
* UB40 (2x)
* U2
* Van Halen
* Violent Femmes
* The Cure (2x)
* The Ramones (11x)
* Ray LaMontagne (4x)
* Pink Floyd
* Richard Schindell (3X)
* Rod Stewart
* P!nk (3x)
* Taylor Swift
* Nick Lowe
* Gregory Alan Isakov
* Paul Simon
* John Cougar Mellencamp