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I came across this concept from Nissan the other day for a mobile office. At first I thought it was silly but then I realized I have been thinking about the same thing in the form of a camper or Airstream that I do not move anywhere. Just use it as another area to work in. This has the added benefit of being able to relocate your work anytime you want.

It feel very much to me like how boats, RV’s and tiny homes great creative with the use of the space they have.

Via Core77

How’d They Do the Tuck-Away Bed in This Parisian Micro-Apartment? – Core77

If you don’t mind pulling out your bed at night this is a wonderful use of space.  To be able to have what looks like a queen size bed in a micro apartment of 130 sq feet is amazing.

I actually love the cabinetry in the apartment also, particularly how the cabinets become a headboard when the bed is pulled out.

See all the pictures over at Core77

Athens tiny home

One of my favorite sites is called Shoebox Dwelling.  Usually featuring unique ways to live in small spaces.  Yesterday they features another wonderful house in Greece.  This apartment is 32 sq. meters or 324 sq. feet.  Some of the small things I really loved was the built in refrigerator and washing machine.

Float Wall Desk — Shoebox Dwelling

I can not tell you why, but in addition to my small well designed space fondness I also love furniture that floats or is on wheels.  Shoebox Dwelling has a nice post about a new desk called the Float Wall Desk by Dario Antonioni.  It appears to be a bent laminate desk that comes in either oak or walnut with a full length drawer/shelf.  Beautifully designed and well executed.  Currently priced at $699.

 Float Wall Desk
Float Wall Desk

Tiny Transformning Apartment

Small Spaces

I have written wbout my love of smaller spaces here and here. I have also talked about how I have been working on editing my life. Cutting down on junk in favor of a few quality pieces, selling or donating objects that I no longer use in favor of space and less clutter.

I dont think these things fall into the tradiotnal minimalist style but more of an altered set of items that I love and make me happy.

Shawn Blanc linked to this video from Gizmodo on The Tiny Transforming Apartment.

My fasicnation with these spaces is twofold. The actual square footage of these places and the creative engineering used to transform these spaces into multiple settings. The sliding walls, the hidden cabinents, the folding beds. I have built several custom rooms and houses in my youth and considering their size they were relatively quick. Looking at these spaces, even though they are tiny by most standards, I am sure took an increbibly long time to actually design, coordinate the specialized parts and furntiure elements and then fabricate the apartment.

Ben Brooks commented on the video as well:

As I look at that small living space I notice the thought behind the design: Yes, everything has a place, but what makes the space functional — and not annoying — is that everything has been specifically designed, or chosen, for that space.

As I look for a small 1 space to create a home office or work space for myself, planning out how it will be used and the objects that will be used in it are increasingly more important.

  1. Something like this would be a dream. 

Chelsea Transformer Apartment — Shoebox Dwelling

In my ongoing quest for efficient space and lifestyle I stumbled across this

apartment on Shoebox Dwelling that complete transforms.  I love the blend of white and walnut walls, providing a clean but warm surrounding space.  The storage that he has created to me is amazing.  I also love things on wheels (much to the dismay of many I know). Take time to watch this video.  Even if you do not like spall spaces there are a few things in here that are very inspiring

via ShoeBox Dwelling

Wood Works

How small is too small?  I think that is in the eye of the beholder and how much junk they have.  Dwell Magazine’s article called Wood Works shows a 240 sq. apartment in New York city.  There was a time when the bigger your living space the better.  I like small warm and cozy places myself – but even saying the number 240 sq. feet sounds small.  But after viewing the slideshow in the article – it might be possible (providing In continue to get rid of my junk). Regardless it is a wonderful use of space.

The Airstream Office – Businessweek

Could you work in an Airstream trailer? The simple answer is YES !  I could and I would love to.  I have had an odd passion for these classics for about a decade.  Not so much for the camping aspect as I am not a huge fan of that as an activity, but as a source of refuge, a work and thinking place. I can imagine this parked in a near semi-permanent state on the side of my house and being used and an office to run my side business or to start new ones.  If I had the opportunity to be location independent I would be able to use this as a temporary residence or work location.  I really got excited when I saw Matthew Hofmann of Hofmann Architecture transform one of these Airstreams into a residence and office about 2 years ago.