Cantilever shelf

I liked this a lot – very reminiscent of the Sapien bookcase.

Sapien Book case

cantilever shelf:

This staggered shelf by Seth Ellsworth gives you a snazzy book or shoe storage option for right around the $300 mark. There are nine replaceable shelves- not adjustable, mind you- made from solid wood and attached directly to the wall for a floating, clean-lined look. Available in oak, dark stained oak (+$50), or walnut (+$100). Custom configurations are available as well.

Designer: Seth Ellsworth
delivery in two to four weeks
6 ft x 2.5 ft x 1 ft
30 lbs
custom configurations upon request

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The Home Work Podcast

I had the opportunity to listen to episode one over the weekend and was really pleased to see the direction it will be going. Dave works at home full time on outside and personal projects, Aaron is a full time home worker on his own thing.  I occasionally work at home but most of the time it is on my own projects.  Looking forward to any new tips that I can learn.

The show is the newest on the 70 decibels network.

The Home Work Podcast:

A new show from friends Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo about working from home. I work from home, and love it. Though it has some great benefits but also some very unique challenges (and there will be even more of those challenges once Noah grows past his “sleeping for 18 hours a day” phase). And so I’m very much looking forward to this new podcast from Aaron and Dave.

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Press Pause Play


This weekend I had the chance to sit down and watch a great new documentary called Press Pause Play.  It’s about making things in the digital age. The premise is how anyone with a laptop and an idea can make things happen. Things that were not possible even five years ago now are common place. Within the movie there are sections specific relative to movies, music and books.  It was very well done.

My favorite section of the movie where the film makers are interviewing Seth Godin. He was speaking about how he was inspired to write Unleashing the Idea Virus after reading Malcolm Gladwells, The Tipping Point.  He wrote the book in approximately 10-12 days and then contacted his publisher asking them to publish it and make it free.  They replied they would love to publish it, it could not be free and it would take a year.  So he converted it to an e-book and put it on his website and several million people downloaded and read it.  The fascinating thing was then people contacted him asking for a print version.  Even though he gave it a way for free he ended up making more money (though this was not his intention) on that book then his hit book Permission Marketing.

I had several take aways from this example was how broken many industries have become.  So set in their ways – not willing to try new things.


1. If a book is topically now there is a high probability that if it takes a year to come to market it will have a lesser impact. 
2. If you are not able to reach your audience in a timely manner the audience may go away.

3. If you make something free people will find a way to talk about it.

4. Established businesses are fearful of change and stay in their comfort zone. 



Seth is not the first to do something like this nor will he be the last to do this.  Nine Inch Nails allowed people to remix one of the songs on an album.  Radio Head gave away their last album online for free and still generated a significant income.

You can rent this movie here.  Watch this movie and see if you are inspired to start your own project.


Trimming my feeds

A great post by Stephen about sites who post bogus stories and how they react after.

Extortion & Jackassery

Really? I can’t believe how low some people will go.

One less feed in the OPML file for sure.   Just sent this story to 10 other readers of 9to5 and they are pulling reading as well.

Voyeuristic Blogs

I am not sure why but I love looking at sites that show the things or where they work everyday. Sometimes they provide ideas for creativity – insights into new tools – or just plain cool things.

My favorite is The Setup which looks at a wide range of programmers, designers and other peoples computer setups.  And there are no shortage of these sites popping up.

My Bag is Bad Ass is described on the site as

interviews and submissions from people that think their daily computer / work bag is Badass.

Check it out at

Everyday Carry is a collection of pictures of what people are carrying in their pockets every day.  There are some beautiful photos and a wide range of pens, wallets, notebooks, pocket knives and security supplies detailed on the site. From the site

Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.

Plenty of other sites offer great ideas for desks and office accessories.  Personally I love this first picture of the floating desk.

A re-newed appreciation for podcasts


For the last two weeks I have re-started listening to podcasts.  Early on I listened to several and either the podcasters quit or they did not have a consistent enough voice to deliver their message.  I also noticed that in the past I used to listen to these podcasts in a dedicated fashion – meaning I was listening to them while commuting or just sitting and and not doing anything else.  My commute got much shorter so I never really got the benefit of listening to longer podcasts.

A couple of weeks ago I launched a podcast while I was surfing the web, researching digital collection software (Yojimbo and Evernote) and let it play in the background. All of a sudden I was reminded of how enjoyable they were.  Now part of my new routine is to listen in the evenings when I am working or responding to email.

Lately my favorites are the following:

The B&B Podcast with Ben Brooks and Shawn Blanc *

Minimal Mac: Enough with Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley

These guys put out really quality conversation worthy of listening to and I recommend them.

*If you become a member at Shawn’s site you also get access to a short daily podast called Shawn Today as well which is also quite good.

Twitter with Seth Godin (or my minor brush with fame)

Last week marketing author Seth Godin and founder of the Domino Project in conjunction with Amazon had a hour long twitter session where he answered questions on a host of things related to his new book “Poke the Box“.  He started the  This was the first time to my knowledge he had done this.  I almost forgot and missed the time slot  but managed to get a question in.  I had a few others but time did not allow for them.

WIth any writer, musician, artist or person who creates something I am always interested in how their process works and how long it takes.  I think it is the curiosity in me that begs for the answer. Anyway here is my question to Seth.

If you are stuck and need to move forward READ THIS….If you haven’t gotten this book…GET IT !  If you have read this book…GIVE IT to others…

In search of: Todo apps

I admit it.  I have failed more times using GTD then I care to admit.  It was easier to quit smoking then get the process right.  Though I think there is merit if you have the fortitude to stick to it.
I have tried many many todo apps. Many of them great – but did not fit my needs or the way my mind worked (or did not work).
I have tried:

Recently I came across a new application that seems to work amazingly well for me called Wunderlist by 6wunderkinder.   It is very simple and beautiful.  But don’t confuse simplicity with lack of functionality.  You can create context lists or different lists by function like work, personal or home.  You can share lists – print lists and set do dates.  My favortite feature of all is its cross platform synchronization.  I use a Mac and a PC at work, a Mac at home alone with an iPad and iPhone.  If you setup a free account on their web site you can synchronize all your tasks across multiple devices. A version for Android is also in the works to be released shortly. Opening up the application on any of the devices initiates the synchronization so you are always up to date.
If you live your life by a list this is a great application to make it a little easier.