Retail Stores from Shipping Containers

I am a fan reusing shipping containers.  Most of the examples I have seen are very modern homes or backyard writing offices. This is the first commercial/retail example I have seen.  It serves a purpose, creates a unique space and is a great use of something that would more than likely end up rotting in a storage yard.  I would like to see other retailers do something similar if it fits their business model.

Starbucks’ New Store: Made of Shipping Containers! The Seattle Times:


Located in Tukwila, Washington, Starbucks just opened a new walk-up and drive-through only location (i.e. no indoor seating) made out of four shipping containers. Dubbed “The Reclamation Drive-Thru,” we’re wondering: is this a one-off design for Starbucks, or the first in a trend towards greener building?

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Power from wind

Some how I missed this in my local papers.  But the opportunity to create this much power off the coast of Rhode Island is amazing.  I hope this comes to fruition it would make me proud to be a Rhode Islander supply so much for so many.

Wind Farms Off the Coast of Rhode Island Could Generate 1,000 GW of Electricity

Update: The comments suggest there is a discrepancy in the amount of total GW’s but either way I think this is great.


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Loss of a sustainability leader

Ray icon

Very sad news today.  Ray Anderson, a pioneer in the sustainability movement passed away.  Ray was the founder of Interface the company that created the carpet FLOR tiles from recycled materials and proved that you could be profitable and sustainable at the same time.

My girlfriend had the opportunity to interview him a few years ago. She was able to get his input on a project that she was working on and came away profoundly affected by his words and actions.

Michelle Kaufmann did a nice write-up of many of the other things Ray worked on.  Please check it out here.

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Small scale wind

I love the fact that smaller scale wind turbines are coming out. I hope someone comes up with a smaller unit that is reasonably priced for residential areas. I know many people think that if you can not provide all your houses electricity that it is not worth it. I disagree and think that anything that can help you offset some of the reliance on the grid and reduce carbon emissions is helpful. I would love to get one of these for a house.


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